Assassinator Games 09/23/2009
I have recently made a new address for this website. Instead of you can just go to Please do NOT worry about changing your bookmark as the .tk version is just a re director and has no effect on the real site.

Grand Assassin
New Logos 08/24/2009
As you may have noticed I have been making & uploading new logos/pictures (located at the top of all the pages)
I would appriciate it if you could please tell me what logos you like, I will soon be making a photo gallery of all the logogs i have made/created. 

Grand Assassin

Thank you for the comments.
i have put a link on the taxi driving school game, so it should work now.
could you please post requests for any games you would like to see on this website.
we appriciate your help

& please remember this site is still under construction so the theme may change
& we will add some more games
Grand Assassin & Farticles

Any Ideas? 07/09/2009

Any ideas on how to make our site better? Well post them here!
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Grand Assassin & Farticles


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