Assassinator Games

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13 Days In Hell

Experience The Thrill Of Living In The
Under-World.Test Your Skills And See
If You Can Survive 13 Days In Hell!


Jump over the similar colored wagons of the moving trains and obtain maximum points in this nice flash game.

Agent Platformer 2

The agent is back in this fun platformer sequel. Collect coins, avoid bad guys and use your jetpack skillfully.

The X Spot

Spot and find the X-Spot no matter how hidden it appears and click it to progress.

Playing With Fire 2

Avoid getting hit with bombs while picking up the bonus items. Corners make a good place to trap enemies.

Hedgehog Launch 2

Now we want to reach the moon with our little Hedgehog. Launch him from Earth into space & beyond!

Max Dirt Bike

Drive your dirt bike through all the obstacles in the fastest time possible

Taxi Driving School

Help Abu to pass TAXI CORP's impossible entrance exam and become a full fledged Taxi Driver in New York!

Sniper Assassin

Sir Sniper has found his wife's killer. But the story only gets more complicated. Fortunately, there's plenty of bullets to go around! 

Panda Tactical Sniper

This panda is a ruthless gangster, at least in his own mind. Help him out by using your expert, tactical sniper skills.

Panda Tactical Sniper 2

Panda is planning a heist. He needs your expertise to get him and his team into a museum and help him get his greedy little paws on the biggest diamond you've ever seen! First though, you're going to have help get his team together but only once you've won his confidence in your ability.


Stack the shapes as high as you can. Don't let them fall!

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